Every business should value their customers, however not all customers feel valued. Here at TechTeam we pride ourselves in customer service, we understand how important it is to feel valued and that’s why we do everything we can to ensure all of our customers feel that way.

Whether communicating face-to-face, on the phone or via email you should always know whom you’re speaking to, what they do and what they want. Understanding this vital information will allow you to proactively recommend suitable products and services before the customer even needs to ask. This sort of service is not only expected during first contact but all of the time!

Don’t make your customer feel like they are on a time limit; make an effort to build a relationship by having a quick catch up before getting to business. This not only forms a bond with the customer but also shows that you care and you have time for them. Depending on the structure of your company it may work best by giving them a designated contact or team; this gives your customer a regular friendly voice to make them feel more comfortable.

When you get to know the person/people you’re working with, you also understand what contact methods are best. You will start to pick up on whether an email, phone call or voicemail works best for them. This will help to ensure any regular updates are sent and received in the most effective way. There is no excuse not to keep your customer in the loop. If your customer has made contact with you, they want something. This means you should make a conscious effort to keep them up to date. When you’re offering and providing a service, the customer should never feel like they have to chase to get things done.

Caring for your customer not only means offering great service but great products too. As a provider of these, all members of staff should ensure that any products provided are to the best value and needs of the customer. As a business you could give the best service but lack in product standards, a small thing like this could seriously damage the company’s reputation, which is something all parties would like to avoid.

When your business works so hard to keep services up to scratch it is important to be proud and to show confidence! Customers will feel more at ease when they see the confidence that your business boasts, therefore making them proud to say that they support you, and recommend you to others.

Don’t forget it’s not just the hard work of yourself and your team members that allow your business to grow. In fact the main people you have to thank are your customers; this is something that should never be forgotten. In order to keep your service levels up its important to always remind everyone of the value they bring to the business, this includes customers and staff. So next time you have a meeting or put the phone down, don’t forget to say that all important thank you!

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