• Has the Cloud got your back this Christmas?

    12th December 2018

    Every business knows how important their company data is to them. If this were to be lost, there is a strong chance the company would be lost too and maybe unable to continue. With this in mind, it is a surprise to us how many companies are not quite sure if their back-ups works, when we first meet. All at TechTeam understand how important and essential a back-up is to you and your business..

    • Backup
    • Cloud
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Going the extra mile? Why stop there.

    29th November 2018

    Every business should value their customers, however not all customers feel valued. Here at TechTeam we pride ourselves in customer service, we understand how important it is to feel valued and that’s why we do everything we can to ensure all of our customers feel that way.

    • Customer Care
    • Support

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