There are no installation fees and you won’t need to purchase any new equipment. You can start protecting your data straight away. It’s an easy process, simple, fast and secure.


The initial setup and configuration takes minutes through our easy to follow software wizard. The software then sits in the background and performs its tasks without intervention.


Online MiyBackup compresses and encrypts your data with military grade encryption prior to transmitting it over a secure internet channel (SSL) into our 24/7/365 guarded data centre. It is then replicated to a geographically separate location.


Once configured, it will automatically run in the background without intervention. Set it and forget it, safe in the knowledge that your data is secure.


Your data is stored on our secured servers, in multiple secure locations. All backup and restore requests are automatically directed to an available data server to ensure uninterrupted data availability. Your data is available for recovery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our software can compress your data, on average, to 50% of its original size. This saves you backup and restore time, and unlike many other providers we only charge you for the actual size of the data on our servers after compression, not before.


Clients can choose from server or endpoint backup services and store data in as many versions or for as long as they may require.

With the increase in Ransomware and Crypto locker virus attacks backups are a critical part of your business processes. Simple restitution of files and systems without compromising your business can save you thousands of pounds.

If you are looking for Online Backup (Cloud Backup) we would love to help.

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