For any company – big or small, it’s a real challenge finding and retaining skilled, experienced and well-trained staff. However, the liabilities, training costs and other overhead expenses of recruiting new employees is very high, which is why businesses are constantly looking for a solution that not only meets their staffing requirements, but also keep the costs to a minimum.

Features include:

Sickness – Times when employee/s fall sick or suffer from a physical emergency, requiring them to be on leave for a few weeks or months.

Vacations/Holidays – Summer vacations, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other annual holidays are those times of the year that face maximum employee shortage.

Maintaining Continuity – To fill gaps created during re-organisation and staff departure, thereby facilitating a less hurried replacement process. Backfill employees can also assist with handover and training of new employees.

Short/Long Term Projects – One-time projects or large projects are times of peak activity, creating a need for additional workforce.

Need for Specialist Skills – To keep pace with the ever-changing face of technology, you will require the services of experts and specialists from time to time.

Flexible resourcing from TechTeam is the answer when it comes to dealing with staff contingency issues with your IT and Telecoms.

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